Gleanings of Low Voltage Technique by George A. Remington MD 1932 Privately Printed Quack Medicine

Gleanings of Low Voltage Technique by George A. Remington MD
Year: 1932
Publisher: Privately Printed Chicago

Electro Therapy how to book with ordering of this apparatus and use.
b&w photos & drawings and information and technique crammed into 122 pages. 

Condition: fine with minor signs of use to the cover. The binding is slightly pulled but no loose or damage pages. Please see the images for a visual description.

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Background on Quack Electro Therapy

“The 20th century ushered in the electrical age - with patented light bulbs and automobiles came electromedical cures and executions. With improved electric generators, galvanism (static electricity generation) bloomed from nascent electric shock treatments in Parisian insane asylums to the all-American cure. George Beard’s and Alphonse Rockwell’s 1871 book on the fantastic medical uses of electricity was re-published in more than ten editions that culminated with the electric chair and the X-ray exhibited at the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 and the Pan-American Exposition in 1901 by McIntosh Electric and Victor Electric, respectively. Both companies went on to produce the “Medical Apparatus” console featured here. They boasted in numerous advertisements and publications, including the book offered with this lot, that positive and negative galvanic currents cured everything from gout and impotency to hysteria of the stomach and flat feet through polarized frequencies. By the late 1930s, electrotherapy was applied to the brain to alleviate severe depressions through the triggering of brief seizures. Many famous personages in the annals of history were the recipients of these electrical probes in a growing age of psychotherapy enlightenment.”




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