Man Eats Man The Story of Cannibalism by Mick Anglo Hardback with Dj 1979 Jupiter London

Man Eats Man The Story of Cannibalism

By: Mick Anglo
Hardcover: 164 pages
Publisher: Jupiter, London
Year: 1979
1st edition Hardback with Pictorial Dust Jacket

Condition: tight binding with no writing or damage inside. The Dust Jacket has some minor curl to the edges front and back, a small crease, indentation on the front. old price in pencil on first page.

From publisher description:
“Cannibalism is a powerful taboo, and yet the missionary in the cooking-pot remains a source of amusement. This book is an attempt to take an honest and objective look at the history of anthropophagy, and to analyze the ambivalent attitudes which often underlie its practice. Mick Anglo begins his gruesome journey with a geographical survey of anthropophagy amongst primitive peoples around the world, who often devoured enemy captives as part of a ritual of revenge. Within civilized societies anthropophagy has usually only occurred as a result of extreme hardship and starvation. The author examines the mental and physical problems faced by survivors as it becomes clear that to feed off the flesh of their dead companions is their only hope of staying alive. In this study of man’s darker nature, Mick Anglo seeks to recognize the true forces and motivations behind both the practice and the fear of cannibalism.”

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