1909 Tower Bean Patrolman Handcuffs with Key and Working Button Lock

1909 Tower Bean Patrolman Handcuffs with Key and Working

A working Pair of Tower-Bean Handcuffs with the original key. The spring loaded key is working perfect and the button lock is also working perfectly.

“The Tower Company manufactured handcuffs until World War II, and though it always employed the Adams patent, its products set the standards for precision, craftsmanship and effectiveness. The first Tower cuff was based on the Phelps design, with notches on the inside and a three-link chain connecting the two cuffs. The second cuff was more similar to the Adams handcuff. The keyhole location was moved from the side of the lock case to the bottom, and it featured a round bow. Also, it featured three round rings between the cuffs, instead of a chain. The outer two rings were perfectly round while the middle ring was bent, just like the rings on the Adams cuff. In addition, the lock case of this second cuff was smaller. Tower applied for his first handcuff patent in 1871. His design innovation was a round bow meant as an improvement to the square bow of the Phelps and Adams cuffs. The patent was finally issued in 1874.”

“Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the handcuff industry continued to change and handcuff design innovations were implemented. One inventor (E. D. Bean in 1882) created a release button to keep the locking mechanism from engaging until the officer released a button and then the cuffs were locked. This mechanism’s purpose was to stop cuffs from closing and locking (during a struggle, for example) before the officer could get the cuffs around the offender’s wrists. This problem was more effectively solved by another inventor’s patent for a swing-through ratchet. This design ensured that the cuffs would not lock unless placed on a wrist.”

Year: Circa 1909

Size: 9 1/2 inches long and the opening is approx 2 1/2 inches
Condition: Very good and working! Minor aging and the original key is working and in good condition. Please see the images provided for a visual description.

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