A Very Rare Set 32 English Pressing of Have You Met Bill Jones? Lithograph Cards

Have you Met Bill Jones? 1930’s Motivational Cards Propaganda Parker Holladay Co. Color Lithographs
32 cards in the this collection, not complete but some of the better images from this English group.

Another wonderful set of Have you Met Bill Jones? Motivational Propaganda Cards circa 1930.
32 cards wtih Full Color Lithograph set with each card approx. 2 1/2” x 3 1/4”.

This set is the Parker Holladay Co. England.

Some cards have marks, but no card is torn. I have photographed them in order and in groups of three.
Copied from my previous entries:
“The original set of cards were made in the 1920’s by the American Co. Parker and Holladay Chicago.
Originally made in a 1920’s propaganda campaign used to motivate people in the work place. Displayed in work areas to promote industrial efficiency and unify the work force, they were made to show what a model worker was. The original designer of the cards was by a man named Charles Rosenfeld who was a sales man for The Mather Co. in Chicago.”

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