Very Rare Stone Egyptian Canopic Jar Imsety Figure Protects The Liver Unfinished

This stone, lime stone, is a two piece is of Imsety who had a human head.
Imsety was Imsety jars carried and protected the liver.
The Canopic jars stored the organs of the departed.

A strange piece for sure, old with a wonderful patina and wear. The jar is not hollow as you would expect, appears to be unfinished, started and never finsihed.

Most fake or reproductions will not have the first the age of this piece and second, most copies will not be made of stone and also would not be two pieces like this one.
The weight is approx 30 or more pounds.

The jar and head are a two piece, as are the originals. Also the late dynasty Canopic jars were also made of Lime stone like this one. The base is tapered Conical shape and the head has the finished insert to create a tighter fit into the jar. 

The Incised hieroglyphs I have not translated, they are weathered and worn.

Size: 13 1/4 inches tall
Condition: good, it has been outside for a long time and is weathered, the features are worn off. The hieroglyphs are worn but can be translated
I have not cleaned or altered this piece. Please see the images provided to see any and all damage.

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