Meiji Period Sword Hardware Kashira Shakudo Cherry Blossoms with Detailed Field

This new estate has a small collection of Meiji Period Japanese Sword Hardware and I will try to post all of these pieces in a series to make viewing easy.
Please email me if you want me to email the whole collection.

The Kashira is part of a Japanese Katana, Sword and was at the end of sword handle. Most of these pieces are bronze and mixed metal, called Shakudo

Year: Meiji Period, Jan 25, 1868 – Jul 30, 1912
Material: Bronze and mixed metal work
Subject: Flowers on a thin branch. The background is a very subtle but precise stipple design. The Flowers and vines are gold highlighted with a dark Patina background. Please see the images provided.

Size: 1 3/4 inches long
Sword Hardware Kashira Meiji Period Shakudo, Cherry Blossoms.

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