Native American Rough Cut Turquoise with Silver Bear Claws Necklace Circa 1970’s

Silver Bear Claws with inset Black Onyx with Raw and Unpolished Turquoise. Silver cones with stamped design on the hasp area of the necklace showing the care and finish finish work.

Not stamped or signed on the any of the claws.

“The bear served as a symbol for strength, endurance, and love. It helped explain the change in seasons and was fodder for Native American folklore. The mother bear was protective of its cubs just as the Native American mother was protective of her children.”

Year: circa 1970’s early 1980’s

Size: 9 inches long
Condition: No broken or damaged claws. The piece has not been worn in many years, I can not say the sliver thread is strong or damaged. The necklace is in good condition and has not been polished or altered. Please see the images provided for more details.

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