Stamped Signed Navajo Silversmith Paul Livingston Squash Blossom with Silver Coins Rare

“Paul Livingston was born March 3, 1954 in Gallup, New Mexico. He has lived in the Navajo Church Rock Reservation his whole life and currently resides there. He grew up watching his Uncle silversmith and with some trial and error became very good at it. He started the art of silversmithing at 22 years old.”
The later works of Paul Livingston use more cluster of stones, not typical regional stones like other artist, making this piece a early and rare example of this sought after living artist.

This amazing squash blossom is by the artist Paul Livingston and is an early example of the silversmithing this artist had at a young age.
The Naja, has simple stamp on the ends and the top has a nice hand designed Sun Burst Pattern with a very nice Turquoise set in the top. The beads are a solid design and what sets this piece above others of this age is the addition of the US coins. The bottom large coin is a silver Morgan Dollar, then a Walking Liberty Half Dollar, then a early Quarter and ends in a Mercury Dime.

Year: Circa late 70’s
    (The necklace is not dated and there is no database of this artist past works. The style of this piece and when he started doing his cluster stone work in the late 80’s, leans me to date this piece to a early made piece by this artist)

Weight: 6.27 oz.
Size: approx 12” long from clasp to end of Naja
      Naja is 2 3/4 wide x 3 tall

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