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3 Original Grace Turnbull Plaster Paques Used for a Maryland Juried Show circa 1950’s

Grace Turnull was one of the top women artists that Baltimore produced. She was born in the 1880’s, which gave her the fortune of being at the right time of Baltimore’s Artistic importance and recognition.

Baltimore in the early 1900’s was considered a major city, with the F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, H. L. Mencken, The Walters Art Museum, Hopkins and other great people and institutions moving here and operating, giving Baltimore a strong upper hand with intellectual elite and artistic people. These people and institutions helped pave the way and laid the foundation for the Arts in Baltimore and allowed it to prosper for many years. In some ways Baltimore beat out larger cities in clout and prestige, an aspect people have forgot.

In the Arts, Grace Turnbull pulled her influence from the social-minded trend in the arts as well as the Classics and contemporary Philosophy of the time. In her later life she blended these two ideas together creating art for social consciousness and awareness.

In the early 1950’s she put her thoughts and skills to the test, she created and designed medals for organizations that paralleled her ideals.

In these three examples I have for sale here, shows Grace Turnbull’s efforts with art in the style of social realism.  Each Plaque was produced for the Maryland Conservation Association and shows the ideas of nature, purity and mans place in the balance of nature and society. On the back of each plaque, has a typed philosophical statement about the meaning of subject on the plaque. This is the combination, according to her biographical information, what she always wanted to produce, Art for social minded and conscious people.

Please take a look at these three pieces of a famous Baltimore artist as well as art from a time of social change and design.

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05/21/10 @ 12:48 PM