Rare Circa 1930 Wood and Steel Brick Mold Baltimore Maryland Homewood

Locally sourced has been going on longer than most of you know!!
Circa 1930’s
From Baltimore when the care and interest in building strong and designed houses.
Typical of the once pride and interest the local union builders would have.

Size: 10 1/2 x 48 inches
Condition: Missing one “Homewood”

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From a Baltimore Sun Article March 26, 1991|by Jacques Kelly:

“The Baltimore Brick Co. was long a familiar sight with its beehive-shaped kilns along East Monument Street. From the late 1890s until 1968, the ovens registered a torrid 1,980 degrees seven days a week. At one time, the firm had dozens of mules to haul the finished product to construction sites.
Today, the same firm, though owned by the Australian giant Boral Bricks, still fires its wares impressed with the Homewood name in Rocky Ridge, outside Thurmont in Frederick County.
The Homewood name has been going on the brick for the last 75 years. It takes its name from Homewood House, the residence of the son of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. The house is preserved on the Johns Hopkins campus, in the 3400 block of N. Charles St.
Many homes in the surrounding neighborhoods—Guilford, Tuscany-Canterbury and Oakenshawe—are made with Homewood bricks.”

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