Very Rare Adolf Ziegler Wax Models Embryo Stages of Development Circa 1900

“Adolf Ziegler (1820 - 1889) a German modeler developed these models at his Studio for Scientific Teaching Models (Atelier für wissenschaftliche Unterrichtsmodelle) from the 1860’s onwards of both human and animal embryos. Ziegler’s models were first used in Germany, but were also later exhibited in Paris (1867) and Vienna (1873).  His son, Friedrich Ziegler (- 1936), continued the company. “
The above information comes from this link with more images of Models created by Ziegler:

This collection comes from a NYC collector, all acquired from institutions deaccessioning.

Adolf Zeigler, one of the top modellers of the 19th C.. These items were used in the teaching and development of the medical field of embryos.
The grouping is sold as a group and included is a brief condition report of the was models.

Please feel free to email if you need additional images or if you need additional information.
Each model as a stand number, included are images with item and stand number for reference.

Condition and grouping and individual mounts:

Condition Report on Adolf Zeigler Wax

Mounted to Boards:

No. 6- some cracking
No. 7- Soiling
No. 8- cracked and slight slump

No. 3- old repair to top
No. 4- slid down the rod and some cracking
No. 5- intact


No. 8 separation and detached, approx. 13 ½”
No. 6 Small surface cracked, approx. 12”
No. 12 Cracked, approx. 14 ½”
No. 2 Intact, approx. 10 1/2”
No. 3 Intact, approx. 9”

No. 1 Missing Top Approx. 9”
No. 10 Broken 13”
No. 7 separated approx. 13 ½

I have not posted the damage ones on here, there images are available upon Request.

If you have any questions or if you need additional images, please feel free to contact me.

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