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A Large Antiquarian Book Collection Finally Here

After years of talking to this estate we finally agreed to start to post and sell this 500 + estate of Antiquarian and Out of Print Books. The estate has agreed with the first batch of 20 books with a wide arrange of styles and subjects. Six great First Edition with orignal clean dust jacket of Arkham House publishing and some signed by the authors.  Arkham House had some of the best cosmic horror, fantasy and science fiction writers with incredible graphic covers. Some writers I have and that will be for sale are, Henry Whitehead, Clark Smith, Donald Wandrei and  Frank Long. These are some of the best writing from the 1940's and 1950's in the genre of Horror in the vain of H.P. Lovecraft.

Here is a piece that is high on my list of wants for a long time, The Eccentric Mirror by G. H. Wilson published in 1806 by James Cundee in the complete 4 volume set. The original marble endboards with 3/4 Moroccan leather binding and many steel line engravings. A true rare and unique item that will be a major piece in a collector of Oddities, Medical or just the collector of Antiquarian books.

To contiue in that vein, an 1804 first edition of Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin. This professional rebound edtion with marble endboards with beautiful Moroccan leather protects this un-trimmed book. A fantastic book of the early treatise on Occult, Magic and Early Culture's beliefs of the unexplained.  A wonderful book in fantastic condition and a rare find.
I will have some piece on the site and I will be placing some of these books on pleas,e go to booksellers and type in Sturgis Antiques or go to this link:


?Please email me if you have questions or if you want me to email you a list.

Thank you for looking.

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02/26/10 @ 05:35 PM


Estate Sale

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Suzanne Duchamp Signed and dated 1929 Oil Painting of Nice, France

Suzanne Duchamp (1889-1963) was born fourth out of six children and was the youngest sister of three famed Duchamp brothers, Jacques Villion, Raymond Duchamp-Villion and Marcel Duchamp.

After her studies at the École des Beaux-Arts she moved to Montparnasse Paris and where she quickly became associated with the growing movement of the Cubism. Her work at this time was a combination of Impressionism and Cubism, which will soon change after WWI, with the introduction of The Dadaist.

Her close association with her brother Marcel Duchamp and also by her friendship and future husband, Jean Crotti helped to further her artist career and creativity. Her art after WW I had a growing Dadaist feel which can be seen in Multiplication Broken and Restored completed around 1918/1919. At this time her brother, Marcel Duchamp started his creation of Readymades and Jean Crotti was earning praise for his paintings that were in the Dadaist style.

Suzanne Duchamp had success in the gallery shows while in Paris and had a major show with several pieces in 1920 at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris, along with Francis Picabia and Jean Crotti.

In this piece, which is dated 1929, Suzanne Duchamp has moved out of the Dadaist construction and once again uses Impressionism as her medium but has added the bold color pallet of Matisse and the expressionism/ colors of Fauvism.

This dramatic seascape, which is very similar to other paintings Suzanne Duchamp did in Nice, France is signed and dated 1929 in the lower right. The painting is one of strong composition and dramatic colors; this is a painting that shows her transition from the style of the time to an artist of creative expressive thinking.

This painting has been in an estate for 30 or more years. Please keep an eye out for more wonderful art and objects coming from this estate. If you have any questions or if you are interested in this piece, please email me or call.

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02/10/10 @ 10:15 PM



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Mickey Mantle Signed Baseball from New York Giants Player Kyle Rote

Sports collecting: football, baseball, basketball, or the countless other organized sports have been a passion for many people. Baseball has always been at the top of the list as far as sports collecting goes and for many people Mickey Mantle’s signature is a prize for many.

One of the hardest aspects about sports collecting is the authentication and provenance of the item. This can be handled a couple of ways. One is being there and having the item signed to you by that person. Not everyone is lucking enough to have this and depending on the time some people were not alive when that sports figure was alive.

Anther way to get sports signatures and memorabilia is directly from an estate of that sports figure. In some cases this is the most secure and easily authenticated way.

I have the luck to have been introduced to such a family. This estate of Kyle Rote that I have the fortune to represent has been an honor.

Kyle Rote was the famous New York Giants player from 1951-1961. In his years after football, he remained committed to the sport of Football and was a noted Sportscaster. He did many charities and sports gatherings through the years and one such event were the 1983 Bally’s Salutes the “Greatest Sports Legends” October 6-9, 1983.

As you can see from the photograph and the Baseball I have for sale, it was an event of major sports figures.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me. I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on this piece.

Thank you.

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02/09/10 @ 05:50 PM


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A Mixture of Modernist Design with Primitive design

I had the luck to find a piece that mixed two eras in one piece. One is the old tradition of scrimshawing made famous by the Nantucket whalers of the 1800's. The other side to this piece is the great design of the abstract figure.

This is an authentic sperm whale tooth that was scrimshawed by someone with training in Western thought of abstraction and also a love of the "primitive" cultural arts of the Eskimos / North West Coast of North American or another culture of similar aesthetics of design. My first impression and what drew me to this piece was the work and precision of the abstraction of the figure. My immediate thought was that this was a copy of a Paul Klee or a Joan Miro work that was transferred onto a whales tooth. Looking closely I saw the lines incised into the tooth and figured this was an original work. There are no signatures except for the base, which is signed by the woodworker. There is no listing for a woodworker named Alan Shapiro on the Internet.

The scrimshaw has another side that is unique and puts it more into the mid 20th century of design, the way the piece continues onto the back. Most antique scrimshaw pieces that I have seen are done on either side or with another piece on the other side of the tooth, but this piece continues around to the side and back. The art uses the shape and roundness of the tooth to complete the subject.

If you have any information on this piece or want to share your thoughts, please email me. I would like to hear what you have to say. This section, which this is the first piece I have wrote about is meant to be used as a kind of Show and Tell part of my website. I want to have pieces that are unique in my eyes or pieces that would need further time and research.

 Thank you

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02/06/10 @ 07:16 PM