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Mid Century Designed House for Sale By Owner 2105 Erdman Ave 21218

I wanted to share with you all a wonderful piece of Archectural and Baltimore History.


The client with the Fornesetti magazine stand has decided to also sell his house. I wanted to allow him some space for pictures and way to self publish this wonderful and unique looking house.


The house is located right off of Lake Matabelo on 2105 Erdman Ave 21218 and has a very interesting history and is one of few truly modern houses in Baltimore.


Built in 1947/1948, the house was built by Benjamin Eisenberg in a style that reflects the avant-garde and Modern Design aesthetics of the time. Eisenberg was know in History as a Lawyer and Developer and in 1958 bought Fort Carol to develop the land for a lavish casino.


The interior of the house is a mixture of the curved walls, sharp angles and open space design while the outside is Brutalist poured concrete mixed with organic curves of the 1950’s architectural style.

One of the other interesting features of the house is the cooling system. When the house was built, careful thought was given to the natural environment. The proximity to the Lake Montebello, the ground temperature is at a lower temperature. The house is built on a series of tunnels and with aid of an exhaust fan in the attic; the cool air would circulate throughout the house. A feature that would fits into our modern “green” concept.

I have included in the photos, an architectural layout of the house and the original building permit with Benjamin Eisenberg name.


If you have any questions or would like to see the house, please contact the owner. He is interested in selling the house and would be happy to talk.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy looking at this amazing and unique Mid Century Designed House located in one of Baltimore’s scenic locations.


Contact information:


2105 Erdman Ave 21218

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10/22/11 @ 11:13 AM


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The estate of Dr. Stephen J. Provenza. Major Baltimore collector of Apothecary and pharmacy items

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of working with collections of art, toys. Book, etc, but this new estate will be one that I will remember. I am happy to have the privilege to see and I hope in the near future, to have the pleasure of selling some of the items from one of the best Apothecary collection I have seen. Coming from one of the top collectors in Baltimore for his time, from the 1940’s onwards, this collection was the focus of Dr. Stephen J. Provenza.

I enjoy discovery and adding a piece of the puzzle of Baltimore’s History. Baltimore is one of older cities of the East coast, having or had had a large industry of Iron Works, the emanate Johns Hopkins University, the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, The Walter’s Art Museum (now and then) the BMA., and the list goes on. Having the chance to add to the discovery is a good feeling for Sturgis Antiques and me. I hope I can bring to light a forgotten collector and his collection.

Back to the collection of Dr. Stephen Provenza, he was a graduate of Baltimore City College, a Bachelors and Graduate Degree from Maryland School of Pharmacy as well as a Doctorate Degree from Milton University. He owned and operated his Pharmacy in famous and beautiful designed Medical Arts Building on Cathedral Street and Read Street for years. I will have a photographed posted soon of the Pharmacy that the estate has allowed me to show.

The Estate has kept this collection intact for over 40 or more years and this will be a re-introduction of the collection. In fact, they have copies of an Article written for the Baltimore Sun and Photos by A. Bodine. In the Article, it gives a background of Dr. Provenza as well as highlights of his collection. I have copied this article for you to read, please see attached photos.

This is a brief introduction of Dr. Provenza and his collection. The amount of items the estate has will be a large undertaking.  Some of the items I have photographed are for sale and others will not be. Items that are for sale will be posted on the site. If you see an item in the photos and would like more information, please contact me.  I hope you will enjoy seeing some of these items as much as I have.

If you have questions or if you are interested in a particular item, please feel free to contact me.

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07/09/10 @ 09:47 AM


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Domenico Morelli (1823–1901) Oil on Canvas Portrait of Italian Zouave Soldier

Domenico Morelli, 1823-1901, considered one of the most important 19th-century Neapolitan Italian painters. His career started at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in 1836 and by 1868 Morelli became a professor of painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Art s in Napels.
He painting career starts as a Realist with his paintings drawing inspiration from the Romantics and images of the Middle Ages. By the time he becomes a professor at the Royal Academy, his paintings start to incorporate images and inspiration from Mysticism, Religious imagery and the Orientalists art movement. It is during this point of his life; Morrelli’s art shows Turkish, Arab and lore of the Egypt’s past imagery.
When Morelli dies in 1901, his estate and art is given to the government of Italy. His art has graced many museums and collection through the years and with the increased interest in the Orientalist and their styles this piece by Morelli is indicative of this growing taste. When this estate came to me, imagine my surprise in seeing this portrait of a Italian Zouave soldier. The painting shows a commanding presence of the soldier in his dress blue uniform and iconic Red Fez.
The signature located on the lower right is done in brighter red than in the fez, giving his signature prominence to the painting.
The painting is approximately 24 inches x 17 3/4 inches and the frame is 31 inches x 24 inches. The painting needs to cleaned and re-stretched which I can have done by my conservator. I can give you a detailed quote on the cleaning and restoration upon request.
I am happy to have Sturgis Antiques handling this prominent artist and will be happy to answer any and all questions about this painting.
Please inquire for price.
Thank you very much and thank you for looking.
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06/04/10 @ 01:20 PM


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A Large Antiquarian Book Collection Finally Here

After years of talking to this estate we finally agreed to start to post and sell this 500 + estate of Antiquarian and Out of Print Books. The estate has agreed with the first batch of 20 books with a wide arrange of styles and subjects. Six great First Edition with orignal clean dust jacket of Arkham House publishing and some signed by the authors.  Arkham House had some of the best cosmic horror, fantasy and science fiction writers with incredible graphic covers. Some writers I have and that will be for sale are, Henry Whitehead, Clark Smith, Donald Wandrei and  Frank Long. These are some of the best writing from the 1940's and 1950's in the genre of Horror in the vain of H.P. Lovecraft.

Here is a piece that is high on my list of wants for a long time, The Eccentric Mirror by G. H. Wilson published in 1806 by James Cundee in the complete 4 volume set. The original marble endboards with 3/4 Moroccan leather binding and many steel line engravings. A true rare and unique item that will be a major piece in a collector of Oddities, Medical or just the collector of Antiquarian books.

To contiue in that vein, an 1804 first edition of Lives of the Necromancers by William Godwin. This professional rebound edtion with marble endboards with beautiful Moroccan leather protects this un-trimmed book. A fantastic book of the early treatise on Occult, Magic and Early Culture's beliefs of the unexplained.  A wonderful book in fantastic condition and a rare find.
I will have some piece on the site and I will be placing some of these books on pleas,e go to booksellers and type in Sturgis Antiques or go to this link:


?Please email me if you have questions or if you want me to email you a list.

Thank you for looking.

Date & Time

02/26/10 @ 05:35 PM


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